Advance Video Editing Course- A Complete Guide

TV News Channel | Youtube

The news channels are currently using these knowledge assets in a big way today thus adding to your marketability and career potential.

  • Is TV news really becoming antiquated?

  • Overview of TV news lingo/terminology.

  • Editing network feed footage for local newscasts.

  • Modifying existing news footage for air.

  • Assembling and editing news stories/packages.

  • Quick color and sound correction for news footage.

Software Covered:- Final Cut Pro | Adobe Premiere Pro CC | Edius Pro 9


Value Addition Software:- Mac OS, Window OS, Finder, Motion, Adobe Photoshop, Toaster, Compressor, MPEG Stream Clip, Visual Hub, Quick Time, I tune, I DVD, Internet.

Course content:

This course will introduce you to TV news terminology and the editing techniques used in the ENG (Electronic News Gathering) world of the newsroom. We will also be demystifying many of the news editing and shooting secrets. In addition, you will learn how to edit news stories called packages, including voice-overs, and sound bites used during a newscast. 

  • Complete guide for News Channels

    • News Stories and Programming

    • Promo, Sting, Teaser and Montage Video editing

    • Multi-cam and Talk Show programme

  • Special News Packaging Training for Youtuer 

    • User Text Crawling, Scrolling, Titling, Slug, Super

    • Creating Lower, Header, Location and  Aston band


This includes education in the complete post-production, including industry-standard workflow. Video editing will be taught for different segments like news, features, events, sports, crime, talk shows, Fashion, Sports, Political, Entertainments, Religious, News Sting, STD VO, Byte, Promo, News Sting & Montage. This will mean that students will receive all-round training, which will make it possible for them to perform any kind of professional editing assignments.

In the local newsroom, working against the clock is the life and death of the news business. So an efficient and expeditious workflow is paramount.

  • Intro Course and Software

  • Workspace and Preferences

  • Importing Files- Video, Stills, Audio

  • Logging and Batch Capture

  • Working With Viewer & Timeline Workflow

  • Special Use of Timecode and Arrow key

  • Buttons and Shortcuts

  • Basic Editing- Marking In & Out

  • Using the tools

  • Advanced Editing- Trimming, Replace

  • Remove & Past Attribute

  • Changing Motion properties by Key framing

  • Adding Motion to Stills

  • Media Offline Connection

  • Multi-cam Editing

  • Speed and Duration

  • Using Markers & Subclip

  • Working with Audio- Sync, Leveling and Mixing

  • Voice Over Recording

  • Applying and Adjusting Transitions

  • Applying and Viewing Filters

  • Color Correcting Exposure and Balance

  • Use Generator and Text

  • Using Master Templates

  • Rendering

  • Output: Finishing, Exporting and Outputting

 You’ll learn to be happy working: Practical Content

  • Create project

  • Manage Project Setting

  • Import and Capture Footage

  • Vo Edit

  • Marking Clip & Rough Cut

  • Create News Story Structure

  • Different Type News Story Editing Technique

  • Music Selection

  • Use of Sound Effect

  • Working with Freeze Frame

  • Adding Still Image in timeline

  • Creating motion in clips with keyframes

  • Adding text to your timeline

  • Masking and Face Blur

  • Use Red Circle, Arrow

  • 2, 3 and 4 window

  • Use Match Frame

  • Super Impose Technique

  • Applying Transitions & filters

  • Chrome Key

  • Color Correction

  • News Packaging-Use the Slug, Super & VT

  • Mastering AV News package & Programme

  • Export Movie, Still, Audio and Image Sequence

  • Write Data, Audio & Video CD / DVD

  • Exporting and Conversion for Web Media

You will also learn Troubleshooting with Projects 

  • How to properly save a project

  • Recovering a project after a crash

  • Use Revert & Auto save

  • Why media goes offline

  • Fixing playback issues

  • Conversion with Different format

  • Fix rendering issues

  • Video and audio sync issues

  • Best Use of Transitions Filters

  • Backing up Projects

  • Delete Preference Files

Preview & Practice

You will be preview & practice different segments like news, features, events, sports, crime, talk shows, Fashion, Sports, Political, Entertainments, Religious, News Sting, STD VO, Byte, Promo, News Sting & Montage.

Duration: 3 Months

Eligibility: 10+2 / Graduation

Duration : 3 months & 6 Months - 1 1/2 hour daily, 5 Days a week

Offered Under:- Autonomous Mode

Class / Batch size:- Maximum 3 Students in 1 Batch

Study Material:-

  • Video Tutorials in Hindi (Onscreen Training) By Mantra Adcmom

  • Live Class Video - Mentor - Rama Shankar

  • Preview Edited News Story and Programme



  • Film Industry

  • TV Channels

  • Production Houses

  • Multimedia Companies


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