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Edius pro offers a unique and powerful editing software in the world In this course, you'll learn everything you need to get started making a professional video. 

Get Started: Training for users with no previous Edius experience.

Expand your skills: Training that help you be a Edius Pro Xpert.

Explore New Ideas: Discover creative possibilities with fun and engaging projects.

Our EDIUS courses cover every aspect of the program and include capturing, different editing techniques, titles, using effects and EDIUS’ DVD writing. EDIUS has several ways of working and we can work out which best suites you and show you how to make the most out of the great editing speed of which EDIUS is capable.

Regular | Weekend (Classroom | Online) | 3 days in Week


  • Fundamental (Basic)     -         Duration : 2 Weeks     

  • Advance Training           -         Duration : 8 Weeks    

  • Professional Training    -         Duration : 12 Weeks    


Crash Courses | Fast Track Course  ( Classroom | Online ) | 1 Week


  • Basic                                -         Duration : 5 Days (10 Hours)    

  • Advance                          -         Duration : 5 Days (10 Hours)    

  • Professional Support    -         Duration : 5 Days (10 Hours)    


Self-Learning Course | Video Training Tutorials in Hindi


  • Basic                                -         Duration : 2 dvds      

  • Basic to Advance           -         Duration : 5 dvds      

  • Hand Holding Support -         Duration : 7 Dvds       


Professional Support | Workshops | Group Training 


  • Pricing varies depending upon customization, learning goals and the number of students. In all cases, we work with schools on an individual basis to determine the best program and the best price.


Course Overview :

The content of the course will be based on your wants and needs, and can include professional techniques, editing techniques, equipment needs, workflow.

  • Exclusive training on Live projects.

  • 100 % Practical Training

  • High quality reference material 

  • Print and video TutorialStudy material

  • Training on all 3rd party plug-ins

  • Reasonable fees

  • Practice 1:1 Student ratio

  • Special care towards weak students


Eligibility: 10+2 / Graduation

Duration: According Course

Offered Under: Autonomous Mode?

Study Material : 

  • Basic and Professional Handbooks (Hindi and English both) By Tutor Mantra

  • Video Tutorials (Onscreen Training)  By Tutor Mantra

  • Live Class Video

  • Preview Edited Wedding Video, Highlights, Titles and Function Video.


Course Covers:

This course is designed to take you through the basics of editing with EDIUS. We will deal with the following

An overview of the interface, capture, editing – include various ways of trimming, common keyboard short cuts, the importance of understanding insert and overwrite modes, basic titles and effects, export to DVD/Blu-ray.

  • Introduction to the EDIUS interface - This would include and explanation of where files are saved on the computer, where back ups are stored etc.

  • Capture and import – the formats covered would depend on those being used by the trainee. We would also cover how to deal with different aspect ratios, field order problems and the best ways to get footage off DVD..

  • Editing & trimming – The editing session would cover EDIUS track patching, insert and overwrite modes and trimming windows. There would do a lot of “hands-on” during this session. If the trainee is familiar with a different editing program we would also point out the ways in which EDIUS is different. We would also cover the most useful keyboard short cuts, L cuts and J cuts etc..

  • ​Video Effects – Colour & image correction, slow motion including EDIUS time-remapping, the mask filter and its uses, the ProDAD image stabiliser and an introduction to Vitascene.. EDIUS “alpha channel” track would also be covered and we would explain how to make a picture in picture effect or selectively crop an image.

  • Audio Mixing and Effects – mixing audio levels, the uses of EDIUS’ mixer, EDIUS’s tools for cleaning up audio, how to get a 5.1 surround track on a disc using EDIUS.

  • Titles – making simple titles with Quick Titler and quick ways of inserting these.

  • Export – export to tape, DVD and files, obviously focusing on the formats needed by the trainee.This would complete the first days training and the trainee now should be able to do an edit from start to finish.

  • Any other business – We would encourage the trainees to ask questions during the day but if there are any “large” topics that need to be covered we would do so now. If for example you need to consolidate projects, move from one machine to another, or export projects to After Effects, for example, these could be covered here.

Course outline :-

Students with lot of creativity and proficiency are given an in-depth experience in various post-production technologies, techniques and practices in a real world industry environment.

1- Introduction  

1.1 Edius Training Introduction 

1.2 Open Edius

1.3 Interface Edius basic

2- Overview of Editing with Edius  

2.1 Flexible Interface

2.2 Preview window

2.3 Timeline Window 1

2.4 Timeline Window 2

 2.5 Asset Bin

2.6 Effect Pallette

3- Preparing a System and Project  

3.1 Create New Projects

3.2 Create New Sequence

3.3 Save Project

3.4 System Application Setting

3.5 Backup Autosave Fles

3.6 Consolidation Project

 3.7 User Setting

4- Importing Media  

4.1 Import File

4.2 Import Folder

4.3 Import Externa Source

4.4 Import Project Part

 4.5 Import Image & Sequence,

5- Basic Editing  

5.1 Basic Editing in Player

5.2 Insert, Overwrite, Ripple edit

5.3 Add Clip from Asset bin

5.4 Add Clip from Player monitor

5.5 Basic Editing on Timeline

5.6 Basic Editing on timeline 1

6- Timeline Editing  

6.1 Clip Speed

6.2 Clip Speed Remap

6.3 Layouter Part - 1 

6.4 Layouter Part - 2 

6.5 Layouter Croping keyframing

6.6 Layouter Tranform keyframe

6.7 Layouter 3D Transform Keryframing

6.8 Markers

6.9 Sequence Markers 

6.10 Display out setting

6.11 Nested Sequence

7- Effects & Filters  

7.1 Effects & Video Filter

7.2 Effects Mask part 1

7.3 3d Picture in Picture

7.4 Picture in Picture (PIP)

 8- Transitions  

8.1 Use Transition

8.2 Track Transition

8.3 Modify Transition

9- Working with Audio  

9.1 Working with Audio  

10- Titles  

10.1 Tiltes Intro

10.2 Tiltes Intro 1

10.3 Change Text Properties

10.4 Title Types

10.5 Image and Objects Tips -1

10.6 Image and Objects Tips -2

11- Output to Tape and Files

11.1 Render Introduction

11.2 Export Movie

11.3 Export Still Image

11.4 Batch Export


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