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Edius Pro is one of the best video editing 
programs on the planet

Mantra Academy for Video Editing

Best Wedding Video Editing Course

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Mantra Academy offers a unique and powerful wedding video editing course.

In this course, you'll learn everything you need to get started making a professional wedding video.


  • Learn basics: the foundations for video editing 

  • Understand the tools, timeline, and workspace

  • Learn to edit clips in Edius Pro

  • Discover how to apply titles and graphics 

  • Learn  to work with green screen footage

  • Find out how to apply effects 

  •  Understand the audio editing controls

  • Earn to export video for your specific needs

 Who this course is for:

  • Anyone looking to become a professional video editor

  • Anyone looking to make money from creating videos

  • Anyone who has a basic understanding of editing and is ready to take their editing skills to the next level to create professional video edits.

  • No previous video editing experience is required.

This course is designed for those who need to use Edius Pro professionally

In this introductory Edius Pro training course you’ll learn the skills and techniques-required to organize, edit, and export video projects in a variety of formats. This Premiere Pro class  provides a solid foundation in the use of this widely-used video editing application.

Students with lot of creativity and proficiency are given an in-depth experience in various post-production technologies, techniques and practices in a real world industry environment. 

Edius | Course Content

The content of the course will be based on your wants and needs, and can include professional techniques, editing techniques, equipment needs, workflow.

  • Basic Intro

  • Layout Workflow

  • Basic Setting

  • Clip Import and  Management

  • Basic Video Editing

  • Working with Timeline

  • Advance Video Editing

  • Layouter

  • Transition

  • Effects

  • Color Correction

  • Masking

  • Chroma key and Blending

  • Audio

  • Title

  • Export

Wedding Dongle Data Project :

  • Manage Projects and Data

  • Software Version Issue

  • Magic Key (Installation)

  • Lock and Unlock Project Workflow

  • Plugins and Preset workflow

  • Reconnect Media - Offline Clips

  • Replace Footage- Portrait song

  • Replace Fonts & Text in Title 

  • Invitation Projects (Save the Date)

  • Replace Clip in Project Timeline

  • Replace Music Songs in Projects

  • Working with Vidhi Project 

  • Remove Transition, Effects 

Advance Course

  • Music and Songs selection

  • Edit with Music Beat

  • Create Magic with Clip Speed

  • Highlights & Intro- Manual

  • Teaser, Promo, Montage  Functions - Manual

  • Pre Wedding Editing - Manual 

  • Edit- Various  Ceremony 

  • Work with Still & Freeze Frame

  • Basic Photo Editing - Photoshop

  • Use 3d Text, Template & Professional Fonts 

  • Use Pre Build GFX, Transitions & Overlays

You'll have a strong understanding of how to use  Edius Pro 

for fun and as a career!

You Will Be  

  • News Video Editor

  • TV Serial Editor

  • Documentaries Video Editor

  • Music Album Video Editor

  • Event Video Editor

  • TV Programming Editor

  • Ad Film Editor

  • Promo Editor

  • Film Editor

Rules: for Online Class

* Full payment (one time) is needed to confirm admission. Join session 10 min before.

* Admission in online session will close 10 min after starting time.

* One admission one person is allowed to attend session.

* Everyone should sit properly on table & chair.

* We have authority to remove participants sitting in in appropriate poses like lying down on bed or similar like that.


Terms & Conditions:

If you are not able to join class because of network issue or any other reason, we are not responsible to refund or any rearrange the session in next batch.

* Fees is non refundable in any case.

* These online session will be held only once.
*  We provide recorded session.

If any one is not following rules, we have authority to remove any one any time from the class.


Registration & Pay here:

To confirm admission make payment.
Online Basic Course Fees: Rs 10000/-
You can make payment on G Pay on 9650361361. Send screenshot to 9650361361



We offer the flexibility to study Online! 2 to 12-week courses. Immersive learning. Hands-on experience.



You can register for this training class online, or by calling 9650361361or 9560361361




You can attend Premiere Pro classes at our training centers located in Delhi and Lucknow at our office, or a live online course. You can select the course location at the time of your registration. Participants at an Mantra classroom work on their choice of a provided Mac or Windows computer.




Mantra Adcom is focused on providing high-quality training courses for your professional development. We provide regularly scheduled small group Premiere Pro courses along with private or customized training.




This training course can be offered as a private class for groups or individuals, and the content can be customized to meet your specific needs. You can call to speak with a training representative at 9650361361or 9560361361 to discuss training course customization.


New Batch start from 

very soon

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