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Edius Wedding Project


After Effect Template

  • Browse hundreds of instant templates projects.

  • Combine them your own photos, clips and text.

  • Make more stuff with stunning videos in minutes.

ULTIMATE Project and Data Collection are designed to help you create a amazing and powerful video with ease.

We offer readymade projects, data and 3D effects for Indian wedding video editing software  like Edius Pro X/ 9 / 8 /7. Our ready to use Project and Data Collection are designed to help you create a amazing and powerful video with ease.







Instant Wedding Video Templates Projects 

  • Portrait Song Project

  • Cinematic Title Projects

  • Highlights/Teaser Projects

  • Invitation Projects, 

  • Pre Wedding Project

  • Birthday Project

  • Online Vidhi (Vidhi) Projects

  • After Effect Project

  • 3D Effects

  • Drag & Drop Fx

  • Hindi Calligraphy Fx

Vidhi Project - Online Project


Just Drag and Drop the sequence and ready to your projects. Just 5sec. 

  • Starting 

  • Sagai 

  • Tilak

  • Mehandi 

  • Bhat

  • Haldi

  • Shera Bandi 

  • Barat

  • Dance

  • Milne

  • Welcome

  • Boy Entry 

  • Girl Entry

  • Jaimala

  • Stage

  • Dinner

  • Fere

  • Mandap

  • Vedai 

  • Ghar Parvesh

  • Birthday

  • Muslim

  • Punjabi

  • Bhojpuri

  • New song


After Effect Project templates


  • Title Project

  • Intro Gallery

  • Invitation 

  • Studio Logo 

  • Kids Birthday

  • Love Animation

  • Cinematic Title Fx

  • Broadcast Pack

  • News Intro

  • Breaking News

  • Lower Third

  • Social Third

Creative Wedding Effects  

  • 3D Auto Fit Timeline Traditional Effects

  • 3D PIP Effects, Zooming Effects

  • Drag & Drop Sliding Effects 

  • Reflection Mirror Effects

  • Composition Effects

  • Alpha FX and Transition FX

  • Calligraphy Drag & Drop Vidhi FX

  • Frame 2D Effects For Wedding

  • Mask Readymade Presets

  • Video Overlay Effects Heart (Dil), Diamond, Fire, Square, Cloud etc.

  • Vidhi FX Engagement, Haldi, Mandap, Fere, Barat, Bhojan & Many More)

Video Overlays Effects in ULTIMATE 

  • Lens Flares,

  • Bokesh,

  • Motion VFX

  • Energy Rays,

  • Ink Mattes,

  • Flourish,

  • Smokes

  • Falling Roses,

  • Track Mattes Video

  • Overlay Effects

  • <