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3 Tips for Choosing the Right Video Editing Software

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

When choosing the rightvideo editing software, you first have to figure out what you will be using the software for.

Video editing software is typically classified as being entry level software, novice software, or professional software. Whether you are editing a personal video or a professional video, the guideline below will help you narrow down which classification of video editing software is right for you.

Entry Level Video Editing Software

If you are only editing home videos, then entry level video editing software should meet your needs. Features included in entry level video editing software include the ability to trim video clips from the beginning or end, string together multiple video clips, add very basic transitions, a basic title screen, and a small amount of audio. Entry level video editing software will, in the majority of cases,not allow you to trim video clips from the middle. Your title screen will also be very basic in nature, with white text on a black background. If you are using a basic digital camcorder, the software included with the digital camcorder should do more than you will need. If not, check the free programs that came with your computer, as there may be a free entry level video editing program included.

Advance Video Editing Software

Advance video editing software will include all of the features of entry level video editing software, plus even more editing power. Examples of novice video editing software include Windows Movie Maker, Apple iMovie, Adobe Premiere Elements, and Apple Final Cut Express. You should expect to pay at least 5000 for novice video editing software. The only exception is Windows Movie Maker, which is included for free with any Windows operating system, starting with Windows 7. Novice video editing software allows you to add text and titles throughout your video, add in a wide variety of transitions, edit individual video clips on a storyboard or time line, and edit video clips on a more granular level.

Professional Video Editing Software

If you are in the business of being paid to edit videos or if you simply need more editing controls than what is included in entry level or novice video editing software, than professional video editing software is the way to go. Examples of professional video editing software include Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Studio Pro, Edius pro, and Sony Vegas Pro.

Professional video editing software can cost upwards of 20,000. Video editing software in this class will allow you to edit your video by simply dragging and dropping individual video clips. You will be able to import multiple audio tracks or files directly into your video for voice over narration or to create a soundtrack for your video. A wide array of special effects will be available, including transitions, filters, and 3D effects. Professional video editing software will also allow you to create and edit videos produced in 720p, 1080i, and/or 1080p high definition resolutions.

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